RUCC Council votes  “Pastor Emeritus” status for Rev. Allan

Reverend AllanOn June 22, 2014, the Church Council of the Riviera United Church of Christ voted unanimously to confer the title of Pastor Emeritus on the Reverend James Allan in honor of his exceptional service to this congregation.

Reverend Allan may have thought retiring from the Army in 1972 would allow more time on the golf course.  But God had other plans for this retired Army Chaplain. This congregation, which at the time was known as the United Church of Christ, Congregational, and was located in Melbourne, Florida, was going through some difficult times, and there was dissension among the membership.  Their pastor at the time resigned his pastorate in early 1972. Sunday needs were met for much of the year, but program and spiritual guidance fell to the lay leadership until Jim Allan was called to provide full-time ministerial service beginning in January of 1973.  Reverend Allan has said that he saw his job as putting the church together again, getting the members to work together. And he did just that.  The membership came together, and by the time Reverend Allan retired his position in 1977 there was stability within the congregation once again. Reverend Allan has remained an active member of this congregation for over 40 years and has occasionally served as a supply pastor during that time.

According to the United Church of Christ website, “the term ‘Pastor Emeritus’ is used by a local church of the United Church of Christ to honor a person whose lengthy ministry in that local church has been one of distinguished service.  The designation recognizes an individual’s retirement from that particular local church and from active ordained ministry.”

The honor of the title of Pastor Emeritus was conferred upon the Reverend James Allan during the worship service on Sunday, June 29, 2014.

Ninety years of age or more … and still active members at RUCC

The Riviera United Church of Christ exists to experience and share Christ’s unconditional love. No where is this more obvious than in a group of our members who have reached a major milestone in their lives – becoming nonagenarians.  (Nonagenarians are those persons who are between 90 and 99 years of age.)  We are blessed to have ten such members in our congregation.  On Sunday – June 29, 2014 RUCC attempted to gather our nonagenarians for a photo for our upcoming Church Directory.   We honor them and thank them for their continuing dedication and guidance to RUCC.

RUCC Honors their Nonagenarians (90+)
RUCC Honors their Nonagenarians (90+)

Our nonagenarians, as pictured are:  (standing) Carol Robinson, Ginny Mack, Beth Aufderheide, Paula Siler, Opal Houghton, (seated) James Allan, Louise Richards, (missing) Chet Dragon, Grace and John Fuller