Pastor’s Note May 2018

‘Pastor’s Note’ May 2018 The month of May is one of transition for ‘we’ who live in Florida.  Many of our residents enjoy having two homes; one here in Florida, that is enjoyed usually from October to May. Our friends and loved ones, in this category, will begin their journey back to their northernmost home.… Continue reading

Pastor Allan – 102!

Happy Birthday, Pastor Allan!! On Friday – March 16th our Pastor Emeritus, the Reverend James Allan, celebrated his 102nd birthday!! Pastor Allan came to the United Church of Christ, Congregational in Melbourne, FL (our former name/location) in January 1973,  accepting the call of full-time pastor, to our then struggling congregation.  During his tenure, he took… Continue reading

UCC in Florida Conference Call & E-Celebrate

Our UCC – Florida Conference sends out a Bi-weekly newsletter called Conference Call, offering important dates, programs and upcoming events throughout the conference. If you would like to read the most recent news, <click> on the link below: March 14, 2018 – Conference Call   Also,  UCC – Florida Conference sends out a Bi-Monthly news-magazine… Continue reading