Update from Reverend Winston Matafwali

Many may recall when Rev. Winston Matafwali from Kitwe, Zambia was with us, at RUCC, this past season. After delivering a powerful sermon, as our guest speaker, he spent some time with us in fellowship.  There was a ‘Fill the need’ offering taken which was presented to Pastor Winston, which he used to buy chairs… Continue reading

Note from Pastor Tim – December 2017

Pastor’s Note for December 2017 The season of Advent is upon us! The celebration of Jesus’ birth is near at hand! Once again, we begin our annual rituals of acknowledging this holy event. Since that first Christmas morning a lot has occurred. The story of how it all happened has evolved into the traditions and… Continue reading

Note from Pastor Tim – October 2017

Pastor’s Note October 2017 We all long for the ‘season’ to change. When I lived in Massachusetts It was Spring that brought a smile after months of ice and snow at below freezing temperatures. Then, in the Fall it was relief from the summer heat, taking one into the beauty of the fall foliage, as… Continue reading