The Ministries of Riviera UCC are always emerging or changing to meet the needs of the community and the congregation.  Some of those ministries and services are listed below.


Fellowship and Support Groups

Fellowship groups and support groups, both community based and church sponsored, are available or are emerging.  One current monthly fellowship event is the Family Breakfast, held at 9 a.m. on the third Saturday of every month at a local restaurant (see calendar for this month’s location).  We also have informal gatherings at the church throughout the year.

Our Church’s Wider Mission

Through contributions to Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM) of the United Church of Christ, Riviera UCC supports medical missions, schools, disaster relief, justice ministries, feeding programs, equal rights efforts, self-help programs, leadership training centers and dozens of other compassionate ministries in the United States and abroad.

Justice Ministry

The issues of social justice have been a part of Riviera UCC’s ministries and concerns for decades.  Our Social Justice Committee holds open discussions of often controversial subjects that face each of us in our faith development and response.  Consciousness-raising and action on issues as our faith dictates is often a painful process.  The church approaches this task with compassion and openness to all views.

Compassion Ministry

Providing aid, comfort, coordination and care to those suffering the loss of loved ones, in ill health, rehabilitation, home bound or hospitalized, our Compassion Team is open to volunteers that wish to assist others in times of extremity and transition.

Homeless Ministry

Care for the homeless is a priority at Riviera UCC.  The congregation supports Habitat for Humanity and Daily Bread with time, labor and funds. The church has fair trade coffee sales (non-profit) and, most recently, a work trip to Biloxi, MS, to assist in the relief effort of our Back Bay Mission to provide homes for the victims of hurricane Katrina.  A food pantry and Shepherd’s Fund is available to support the homeless and hungry in our community who seek out the church for various kinds of help.

Matthew 25 Garden

“Matthew 25 Ministries” (M25M) is the name chosen for RUCC’s acts to help the community.  The M25M garden has provided food for those in need in our community.  We are currently looking for someone to revive this worthy ministry, so if you or anyone you know enjoys gardening and would like to lend a helping hand, please let us know so that we can continue to grow food to care for Christ in others!