Note for February 2018

Twenty-eight days hath February. We shall need to wait until February 29th, 2020 before there will be 29 days marking our next leap year! Yes, this February shall move quickly, however, there is a lot happening! Although Valentine’s Day is once again celebrated by millions on February 14th it must take a back seat to one of our Christian traditions! Ash Wednesday sets the stage, and then the weeks of Lent give us time to reflect and prepare ourselves as we consider who Jesus truly is… in the context of our personal lives. Lent begins on February 14th which is also Valentin’s Day! Some of us shall need to squeeze in dinner with our ‘special’ someone, yet, many Christians will mark the day with a smudge of ash on their foreheads. We shall have an informal Ash Wednesday service at both noon and six P.M. for those whom wish to join in sharing this tradition. The days of Lent come to close as we enter into Maundy Thursday, the day in which tradition tells us Jesus celebrated the Passover with his Disciples. He was also arrested that night after being betrayed. We shall remember the happenings of that day when we celebrate with the Service of Tenebrae at 7P.M. in our sanctuary in a traditional Maundy Thursday service.

Palm Sunday shall bring us into Holy Week, then Maundy Thursday, with Good Friday and Easter rapidly following as we remember yet another anniversary of the crucifixion of Jesus the Christ. Please, do not be ‘fooled’ by the date on the calendar on Easter Sunday, April the 1st 2018. For tens of millions it will be Easter Sunday, the date we have set aside to lift-up the ‘Risen’ Christ! The ‘Heart’ of our Christian traditions and faith!

As we enter in the month of February let us cherish the 28 new opportunities to practice our faith, living our lives fully each day!

Pastor Tim Woodard

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