Pastor’s Letter – Fall 2019

Summer is slipping away, even as the days are still hot and humid.  We do live in Florida, so this is expected.  But, soon, very soon, our northern friends will migrate to our warmer climate as the seasons shift and ‘Old Jack Frost’ starts nipping at their heels.  Many of us look forward to their return, as many of them are our friends and they do boost our economy and help fill our sanctuary during the winter months.  All of this leads to our planning process as we prepare for the changing of the seasons and quickly following – our upcoming historic and deeply moving holiday time period.  This is also the approach to our 130th year celebration of becoming a church!  Look for more information on this exciting occasion!

As a church we have been taking time to reflect on how we can enhance and enrich our ministry; specifically, our outreach (our mission) out into this our local community.  Many have asked or pointed to our spiritually based programs, our activities that others may find useful to their personal ‘Spiritual’ lives.  To that endeavor we are looking at some new opportunities for us to consider.  Over the past we have offered several chances for Bible studies – these shall continue.  We plan to bring together a study group on Sunday mornings as well as during the week, much like we have in the past.  In addition, there shall be an offering for spiritual enrichment put forward in the evening.  Bible study, prayer, and meditation.  Also, there are plans to put together a healing service, offered during the day and in the evening much like we do Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday.  Look for upcoming scheduling plans!

The truly moving parts of our Fall season are, of course, the change of seasons and the coming holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, which leads us to our annual celebration of the coming of a New Year.  I am calling upon all of you who are reading this, to Pray for this your Church, your Faith Community and the Surrounding Community which we are called to serve.  If you have a thought or an idea about how to more effectively reach out to those around us, write it down, text me or call me or a member of our New Beginnings Committee.  Let’s talk about it!  Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of others; especially, as they too look to the upcoming events in the life of their community.  Through the Spirit of the Living God let us be together in prayer.

Pastor Tim Woodard



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