Pastor’s Letter February 2019


Here it is February already! Wow, so many things happening – the days just seem to fly right by! January was indeed busy, and the challenges of life keep presenting new opportunities for us, you and me, to reflect on our relationships with our individual as-well-as common understanding of God. Personally, I believe the Spirit of the Living God is always present, although we oftentimes turn away from the abundance of God’s grace, mercy and guidance. It is those times when I feel depleted and empty, it is then that I must push myself to go back to the basics: God loves me, and you, and we are not doing this by ourselves. I find it vital that I keep going back to the fundamentals of my faith, striving to always turn towards God’s light, God’s ever-present Spirit to strengthen me, giving me the courage to do that which I know in my heart I must do.

In January we worked to begin the foundations of a new program “New Beginnings” that we are praying will help us refocus our joint ministry as we move into the future. There shall be a second meeting with a second consultant on Friday evening March 8th, everyone is invited to attend. Then on Saturday the 9th of March there shall be a training program for those whom wish to take an active role in moving this initiative forward. It will be a great opportunity to be a part of this program in a special way.

Also! Lent begins on Wednesday March the sixth! We will have an Ash Wednesday service at noon and at six in the early evening. It is an opportunity to begin the Lenten journey of ‘reflection’ as we move through the weeks of Lent and then onto our Maundy Thursday service of Tenebrae on the 18th of April. Culminating, of course with Easter on April the 21st.

Together, we can renew and strengthen our deep, deep love for a God whom has first loved us. Thereby, strengthening our faith for the journey ahead. I look forward to journeying with you, day by day, in the weeks leading up to these landmarks ‘within our traditions’ as Christians. Let us continue the journey as we seek to know God better and follow the example of Christ, together.

Pastor Tim Woodard

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