Pastor’s Note April 2018

 Easter is upon us and the season of God’s gift to us, through Christ, is in our thoughts and minds.  May we always be diligent as we seek and strive to share this message of hope, salvation and God’s abundant love with others.  Let us hold onto this most holy of holy in our hearts and minds, as the road ahead has many twist and turns.  It is because we use these blessed opportunities to renew our understanding of God’s faithfulness that we are able to weather the storms of life as they come our way.  Remember always, God love us, and this is why he sent Jesus to live among us, now and forever more.

  In the same way the cycle of life is present in our church as well.  We have new members who have joined our faith community as-well-as new visitors whom come to worship with us every Sunday.  At the same time, we have members who move on in their lives and thus move to other locations throughout the state and some to other locations in these United States of America.  We wish them well as we welcome in those that have newly arrived in our midst.  This is the cyclical cycle of church life. The ebb and flow of life is prevalent here and in all churches of all denominations. 

 The passing of the seasons reminds us that all things have their seasons as the ebb and flow of life ever continues.  April in Florida is the beginning of the end of the season for many of our visitors from the north and also our ‘dual’ residents.  We pray for their safe travels and we look forward to their return in the fall as the seasons again shift.  Also, April has many opportunities for us, as individuals and as a church, as we continue to change and respond to life’s changes.  We must not forget, God’s love, unlike the seasons, does not ebb and flow; God’s love is with us throughout the year, rain or snow; sunny or cloudy.   So, let us always bear in mind, God’s love surrounds us and upholds us, now and forever more. 

 May God bless us – one and all. 

 Pastor Tim

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