Pastor’s Note – April & May 2019

The time of Easter is quickly coming our way! Palm Sunday is just a few days away; that triumphant parade, as Jesus came to town with shouts of joy and Hosanna! ““Hosanna, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” What a glorious day that must have been. In our own lives, we have welcomed in those who would lead us in one way or another. Yet, life is life, and a lot of forces are in motion all around us. It is not always easy. Perhaps, this-is-why, it is so important to take time to celebrate those whom come into town, come into our lives with integrity, love and grace. These are the ones we need to lift-up and shout out to – our modern-day Hosanna!

Jesus of Nazareth, born of the Virgin Mary, has already come to town! Palm Sunday is just a memory, a ritual we observe once a year. Yet, all that he left behind, his teachings, the miracles and his example of how to live and die with dignity and grace, is well worth remembering!

In the coming week, we shall observe that last night which Jesus spent with his disciples. We shall observe Maundy Thursday by reliving the full story of his trial, persecution and death. We do so, as a reminded of the fullness of his gift to humankind. On Saturday, we will welcome children from our community to hunt for Easter Eggs, (plastic eggs filled with candy) to be reminded of the coming resurrection (rebirth) of Christ; Our Savior, whom came to free us, one and all, from the bondage of sin and death. The children, as they find a few candies, inside the eggs, will ever be reminded that we joyfully prepared for the celebration of Easter. Prayerfully, as they grow older and mature, they will come to understand that we celebrate the ‘New Life’ which the ‘Son of God’ offers to each one of us. Young or old, we all long for the day when Jesus will once again come into our lives.

Happy Easter!

Pastor Tim Woodard

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