Pastor’s Note August & September 2018

Wow!  August already!  How quickly the summer has progressed!  We have a few more months of summer weather before we need to put away our summer outfits and prepare for Fall.  But, of course, here in Florida that is not a major concern.  What is exciting to begin thinking about is August ushers in the beginning of school for the children in our neighborhoods and the beginning of our Fall season.  The last Sunday of this month we shall formally begin with our Rally Day event to signal that Sunday School has started again.  Also, I will be rekindling our Wednesday 11 am Bible study class in the church office as well.  I am praying that our northern travelers and vacationers are enjoying the season.  We miss you one and all!  Continue to be safe out there and pray for this your church!

This summer has been a time for us “Christians” to pray extra hard.  We prayed for the children in Thailand and that ended in triumph!  Yet, one rescuer gave his life in the effort.  Raging fires are currently taking lives and destroying homes in California.  The volcano in Hawaii continues to pour lava upon the area.  Homes have been destroyed, and the lava shows no sign of slowing up.  Yes, there are lots of things to pray about.  Many migrant children are still separated from their families.  War still rages in Syria.  International tensions continue to escalate, and political turmoil continues to monopolize the front-page news every day.  Yes, there is a lot to pray about.

Pastors always have asked their congregations to pray for others.  I join in the chorus.  I would like, however, to ask us to truly take time to name what we are praying about.  Things like compassion, mercy and kindness are what we Christians need to talk about.  Asking God to intercede on another’s behalf with loving kindness or asking that others would show compassion and understanding for their neighbors.  These are things Christians need to advocate.  There are a multitude of social justice issues we ought to be asking for God’s guidance on.  We might pray for an open heart and an open hand when leaders, judges and government officials make decisions.

Yes, there are many ways to pray!  Prayers do change lives.  This is a fact.  The first life it will change is the person offering the prayer!  I pray every day for guidance in God’s will!  Yet, before the day is over I again ask for forgiveness for the things I forgot to do.  Before I fall off to sleep at night I thank God for all that was accomplished in the day.  I also pray for of others as I fall off to sleep.

May God bless us one and all.  Pastor Tim





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