Pastor’s Note for November 2017

I simply love this time of the year! Seasons are changing, and our northern friends are coming home for the winter! Florida becomes one of the more popular spots, as hurricane seasons comes to an end and the humidity drops, just a bit, and days grow shorter and the nights cooler! There are other seasons which we all experience as well. We move from our adolescent youth into adulthood, where we take on a full range of mature responsibilities. Living here in Florida, many of us are retired and enjoying the twilight of our years. Each of the seasons of our lives give us different perspectives and priorities. Our relationship with our Creator God takes on different meanings as well!

Whether it be winter, spring, summer or fall, our relationship with God, needs to be one of our priorities in life! There are no vacations from this responsibility! We might want to consider reflecting on the simple basics of a good relationship as we view our current connection with God. Are we remembering to strike up a conversation every morning? It is a good way to start the day. Some of us like to acknowledge God’s presence as we begin our daily rituals. I was told, the busier we are, the more important it is to take time to pray and connect-up with God! During the day, are we remembering to be grateful in the midst a particularly stressful moment? Really, this is when we need to remember that God loves us and is there with us, no matter what is happening! When evening comes are you still finding a quite space to take time to reflect with God about your day? It is a great time to discuss the things that went right and those things you may need to go back and correct. It is amazing how clear this becomes, if we take the time to discuss everything with God, giving thanks and asking for forgiveness, whatever the case may be.

God Bless you as this new season begins!

Pastor Tim Woodard

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