Pastor’s Note June & July 2018

It all began on Memorial Day weekend with the naming of the first tropical storm of the season, “Alberto.”  The storm altered our plans and changed our outlook for a holiday weekend filled with barbeques and a flurry of boaters getting out onto the waterways for some outdoor fun in the sun.  Yet, we Floridians, we are a resilient people.  We improvised and found other ways to mark the occasion.

On this Memorial Day weekend, we found ways to honor our men and women in uniform, both past and present.  We did more than remember all the fallen, whom sacrificed for our freedom.  An unknown neighbor placed American flags at the end of all our driveways in my neighborhood.  There was a fabulous tribute to our veterans on PBS over the weekend.  As we start this summer season let us pray for all those who have sacrificed for our safety and those who now serve in our armed forces throughout the world.  In like manner let us remember the ‘first responders’ that are there for us and our neighbors when Mother Nature unleashes her wrath upon us, especially here in our home state of Florida.  Let us pray that this will be a quiet season, with no loss of life and a minimal amount of property damage as we step into the unknown of yet another hurricane season.

Together, let us remain strong in our faith, all the while praying for the good futures of others, including ourselves.  Let us be reminded of the need of those who perhaps have suffered a loss of a family member or job or are simply hurting from their personal struggles in life.  You and me, we are the  fortunate ones, we are here reading this note, with great hope and blessed expectations for our futures and for the journeys of our loved ones.  What a blessing.  As we reflect on the love of God and the  grace which has been bestowed upon us, let us be conscious and alert to all that is happening around us.  When we can, let us offer a helping hand or word of good cheer for those we interact with.  Let us pray, these next weeks will offer us renewed opportunities to live as Christians.  Let us hold our heads high as we celebrate the love of God!

Our college graduates have had their commencement days, and our High School graduates are preparing for their graduation ceremonies.  All seem excited about this time of change.  Parents, Teachers and Students alike.  Opportunities to put educations to good use abound!  As each generation steps into the limelight we all pray for their good fortune with a sense of hope.  Together, as they embrace the fullness of their lives, let us do likewise as we enter ‘into’ this new season with them.

May God’s blessing be upon us, one and all!   Pastor Tim Woodard.

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