March 2018

The next four Sunday’s in Lent shall bring us to our Easter Celebration. However, before we get there we shall need to fully live into the next thirty-one days. Our scripture focus will maneuver us through the Old Testament, with the help of Moses, the Psalmist and the Prophet Jeremiah. Together, we shall praise God as we continue seeking God’s healing power. Our goal continues to be: coming to know God better, especially as we try to more fully understand Jesus and Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. His passion during Holy Week sets the stage for our salvation and the birth of Christianity. Both, more than worthy of our annual celebration on Easter Sunday.

Along the way I urge you to take a moment and reflect, for each day, is a day to celebrate. Each day we can give thanks. As we awake anew, every morning we can strive to live as we believe our God would want us to live. We can strive to follow the teachings of Jesus. We can make every effort to right any wrongs, making amends whenever possible. With the help of God, we can let go of those things in our lives that distance us from knowing God more completely. We can rejoice acknowledging the historical fact that the gift of God’s grace and redemption happened a long, long time ago. Praise God!

Have a great day and a wonderful journey through March. Together, we shall arrive at our destination, once we have completed the task laid before us. Remember always, the only way into tomorrow is to live through today. Make the most of today, for today is never ending.

Pastor Tim Woodard


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