Pastors Note March and April 2020


Day-Light savings caught many of us off guard this past Sunday, some of us were early and others late. Yet, what was and is really on our minds is the spread of this Coronavirus! As we brace for the spread of it, we shall all need to take extra precautions to protect ourselves and each other. We implemented some simple commonsense changes at worship service on Sunday. Less handshaking and more concern for the necessity to be conscious of honoring each other’s personal space as we seek to limit the spread of germs from one to another. If we think we are coming down with flu like symptoms or even a cold, let us stay home and call our doctor for advice. None of us want to come down with the virus, thus it is essential that we each take precautions as best we can. Furthermore, this a time when we truly need to pray, pray for others who are infected and pray for all the health workers who are trying their best to help individuals and the general public through this international problem.

The Lenten season is now upon us and we are reminded how we are not the first to be forced into situations and conditions that are less than ideal. The Jewish nation was under the thumb of the occupying nation of Rome. The Religious leaders of the time were under pressure to ‘deal’ with the gathering crowds that were increasing size because of the man Jesus. The pressure was building, and the ministry of Jesus was spreading quickly as he continued to teach and heal not only the hearts and souls of those who listened but for many, Jesus healed their very bodies. Frequently, Jesus was quoted as saying it is ‘your faith’ by which you are ‘healed’. As we face this new emergency, in our own time, we need to double-down on our own faith. It is times like this when faith may be the strongest asset we have! With uncertainty in the air, let us remember whom it is we have been putting our trust in!

My friends, we are approaching our annual remembrance of the trails and tribulations of those who came before us. We remember the ministry of Jesus and his teachings. We must also recall how he was treated by those who ought to have been the ones raising him up and recognizing him as our Messiah! Yet, their hearts were hardened, and fear took over as Jesus was arrested, persecuted, and ultimately crucified for simply loving us with all of his being! As we go through these weeks we need also be consoled as we remember what the first Easter morning brought! For there is always a morning after! We too shall be greeted with the miracle of Easter – just so long as we do not loss faith! Rather we must trust God as we do our earthly part in these coming days and weeks.

Truly, I pray we shall all pray for God’s guidance, as we reflect on our own need to trust God more each day. Take heart and have faith, a new day is coming! Allow your journey through this Lenten season to bring you through the valleys of life. The promise of Easter is already upon us!

Blessings to one and all!

Pastor Tim Woodard



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