‘Pastor’s Note’ May 2018

The month of May is one of transition for ‘we’ who live in Florida.  Many of our residents enjoy having two homes; one here in Florida, that is enjoyed usually from October to May. Our friends and loved ones, in this category, will begin their journey back to their northernmost home. We will miss them and look for their return in the Fall. For us Floridians whom live here locally, year-round, May has a different meaning. Merchants will miss our northern friends and the financial boost they have brought to our economy. Others of us, though we will miss our many friends and acquaintances as they head north; we will however, enjoy the change in traffic patterns and shorter waits at some of our favorite eateries! As a faith fellowship, we pray those who travel at this time… we pray they will be safe and that God’s Spirit will continue to guide their journeys.

May also is a time when students graduate from colleges and most high schools follow soon after. To these graduates, we offer them congratulations and good fortunes as they begin their sojourn into the world of commerce and employment; as they begin to set their sights on the next stages of their live. And yes, we pray that their education has been balanced with access to a religious tradition of their choosing. Prayerfully, seeds of knowledge have been planted, surrounded by God’s grace and mercy, as-well-as an awareness of social justice and how it affects the lives of many who are marginalized in our society. We pray these young adults will seek opportunities to express and utilize their attributes, their gifts, and most certainly, their newly acquired education. Without question, we wish them well and God’s blessings.

When I was a child, May was filled with joy over a multitude of ‘May’ flowers and the new growth which Spring brings, especially in areas like New England, where I enjoyed my adolescence!  I suspect many of you reading this note have your own memories. Here in Florida, we have all kinds of flowers which flourish in May.  What a blessing!

May, also hosts our celebration of Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit, bringing with it the power and the inspiration of the Living God… into the lives of all whom open themselves to the fullness of God’s grace, mercy and love. May this time fill you with a new sense of awareness to the presence of the Spirit of Christ in your lives.

Blessings, Pastor Tim

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