The Council shall be the policy-making, administrative, and coordinating body of the church acting on behalf of the congregation between congregational meetings in accordance with the faith and practice of Riviera United Church of Christ.

2018 Members of the RUCC Council are:

Rev. Tim Woodard

Ashley Molozaiy

Vice Moderator

Adrienne Schier

Kathy Hufford

Financial Secretary
Pat Lawson

Asst. Financial Secretary
Bonnie Hankins

Asst. Financial Secretary
Margie Carey

Service Representative
Margaret Ann Eisenmenger

plus Chairperson of each of the following Ministries:

Education Ministry
Sue Lundberg – Chair
Michael Ross

Operations Ministry
Daryl Hankins – Chair
Herb Parisi
Katie Walsh

Outreach Ministry
Cathy Parisi – chair
Rev. Brian Devlin

Resources Ministry
Jay Pierce – Chair
Jerry Vanderzyl
John Lundberg

Spiritual Ministry
Mary Beth Moseley – Chair
Alfredo Cantillo
Tina Hamilton