RUCC Summer Newsletter

Pastors Note June & July 2019

As I write this note, the days have gotten longer, the sun hotter and summer is close at hand!  June 21stwill be here before we know it.  Many schools have already closed for summer vacation and others will quickly follow.  Our Florida sunshine has already made it clear that the heat of summer is now upon us Floridians.  Lois and I are finalizing our plans for our vacation scheduled in July.  Yes, everyone needs a break from their daily, weekly routines, even pastors and their families!  I have lined up four fantastic members of our congregation to fill the pulpit while we are away (July 14th, 21st, 28th, & August 4th).  I pray you will come out to hear what they have to say and fully support their willingness to share from their heart their understandings of God’s love, kindness, compassion and mercy!

Hold on now, we still have the full month of June and the first week of July to ‘live into’ before your pastor gets some vacation!  There are a few important and exciting things to talk about and experience in these next upcoming weeks!  Our ‘New Beginnings Task Force’ and their ‘’Home Group Leaders’ are compiling a summary of the consensus of the group participants and their feedback, including any suggestions made.
This will be presented at the Church meeting on Sunday June 23rd immediately following church!  (Don’t fret, a pot lunch luncheon will be served following the meeting.)  Hear all that you said as a group, compiled with all that our assessors told us about ourselves.  Hearing their feedback and yours as well, shall be a major part of our process, as we begin to think about where we go from here!

These next six Sunday’s, I have put together some sermons that will further accelerate our discernment process for the future, as I strive to remind us ‘all’ – about what it means to be a Christian in the Twenty-First Century.  Here is a peek at the topics I have planned: 1. “Freedom Comes with Responsibilities” 2. “All Together” 3. “Understanding & Wisdom” 4. “God is Always with Us” 5. “The Mantle of Ministry”, and last but not least, 6. “The Mission”.  Mixed into these topics we shall also celebrate Pentecost (The Coming of the Holy Spirit)!  And we cannot forget Father’s Day!

Looking forward to a meaningful month as we reflect on our future roles in ministry together!

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Tim Woodard

Church News

Stewardship Committee – There will be a Fashion Show on June 22,2019 from 1-3pm. The tickets are $20.00 and can be purchased before or after church on Sundays. The Fashions will be from Cottonways in Melbourne.  The Stewardship Committee is asking for volunteers to donate goodies for the event.

Riviera UCC 130 Year Anniversary – This year we as a church is celebrating 130 years. We will be having a celebration in the fall. Watch for more details. The stewardship Committee will be the one that will be organizing it with additional volunteers. If you would like to help with the celebration let Bess Severance know.

Christian Education – For the month of June we will be holding pet Food Drive to benefit Hope for Brevard, a local animal rescue shelter. There will be specially marked containers in the Narthex every Sunday in June to place dry or wet cat and dog food, cat treats, dog treats and toys for cats and dogs. At the end of the month, everything we get will be gathered up and delivered to Hope for Brevard!!

End of Summer Kid’s Day – The Christian Education is looking for volunteers to help with his event. We will be planting a bee and butterfly garden!  We need volunteers to help with both indoor and outdoor activities!  More details to follow shortly!  If interested or you have questions, please talk to Carol-Ann after church!


MARK YOUR CALENDAR – SPECIAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING WILL BE HELD ON JUNE 23,2019 AT 11 am.  All members of the congregation are encouraged to attend. The New Beginnings Leadership Team will present conclusions from the group sessions. They will also conduct an interactive discussion on how the process should continue. No other church business will be presented or discussed at this meeting. There will be a potluck lunch after meeting with a ham provided by the church.

Lunch Bunch – We will meet at Red Lobster on June 13,2019 at 1pm. All are welcome to come and join for a great lunch with friends.

On Behalf of the Operations Committee, we would like to Thank everyone who came out to our workday. Just look at the front of the church. Everyone did an awesome job.

Fellowship Hour – It’s summertime and we are in need of some treats for fellowship hour as well as some volunteers to sign up and host. Signup sheets in the Narthex.  A big thank you to Lois Woodard for all the work she does with the fellowship hour.

Sunday Service Flowers – In honor of an event such as an anniversary, birthday or in memory of a loved one, you can now order flowers from the church, for a $ 30.00 donation to the church. The donation will include the cost of the flowers. For more information and details for ordering, please see Pat Lawson.


Moderator’s Letter
June 2019

Riviera United Church of Christ

Our church is in good health. We have been moving forward with new ideas and concepts. The “New Beginnings Program” leaders have been busy, showing us new roads to the future of our church. All the “New Beginnings” facilitators have done an excellent job presenting the Assessment, and for those of us participating in the home base discussions learned many surprising details.

We have also been busy in other areas of our church. For example, the Operations Ministry and its volunteers are keeping our church looking nice, clean and safe. Maintaining the safety systems, such as fire, sprinklers and alarms. Keeping up with the city sanitation requirements and general maintenance in and around our church. Each Monday morning you will find three volunteers cleaning the church interior including restrooms and taking out the weekend trash. And let’s not forget the volunteers who keep us save during Sunday Worship services, by guarding the front doors.

Our Education Ministry, assisted by the Outreach Ministry, recently organized an Easter Egg Hunt for the children in our community. We congratulate the ministries and volunteers, along with the many that donated treats for our children. “Well Done”. Outreach is also doing an outstanding job with our “Social Media” profile. Our Facebook page is receiving comments from all over the country.

There are many more volunteers that work each week to keep our church strong. The audio-visual folks, Sunday Ushers, the choir and music department, our wonderful office staff, coffee hour would not exist without the compassion of our volunteers. For many years we have supported Daily Bread feeding the hungry and homeless. And finally let’s not forget the many volunteers working behind the scene, each performing a valuable service to our church family.

Yes – our church is in good health and “Volunteer Strong”, with God’s Blessing and faith in our ministry we will continue to grow into a vibrant source of community outreach.

May God bless everyone

Herb Parisi

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