September 2017

Jesus transformed the lives of people he ministered to! He set an example for others to follow. As modern-day Christians, it is imperative that we not forget what “following in the footsteps of Jesus truly means!” Many of us come to “Church” for healing, restoration and hope. We come together with like-minded Christians seeking to worship and unite with others along this journey of faith. Together, we can and we must nourish each other with our common understanding of the God whom loves us all! It is only after we obtain some of this hope, this spiritual renewal which we all seek, at a greater or lesser degree, that we are then able to move forward.

Moving forward, as a united community, we can worship God in word, prayer and (in our tradition) with music. Along the way, we must tirelessly strive to welcome new wanderers into our sanctuary, helping them to unite as they too find the new breath of God’s love, which they also seek. As a community of faith, whom care for one another first and foremost, together, we can and we shall reach out as the ‘Disciples of Christ’ which we have become; as we strive to serve the needs of all God’s children. We do this while continuing to care for the needs of our community as any faithful gathering of Christians do.

These are the simple yet fundamental steps required of churches whom wish to strengthen and grow. You see, growth comes from within. If we cannot first come and heal ourselves, finding the love of God for our own wellbeing, we shall remain lost as we scurry around trying to grow and prosper. It is only then, as we unite forming a community, that we shall effectively work together – serving God’s children, children of all ages.

Blessings, Pastor Tim Woodard

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