Riviera UCC provides a serene space for funerals and memorials.  Our building has over 50,000 square feet of usable indoor space, as well as a full-service kitchen, a professional audio/visual booth, and extra tables and chairs. The building is located on 20 acres of natural Florida flora, should you wish to hold your event outdoors.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Funerals and Memorial Services

Does your pastor conduct memorial or funeral services?

Yes. Our pastor is available to officiate at both memorial and funeral services provided the service is planned on a day he is available.

How do we arrange for your pastor to conduct a memorial or funeral service?

Call our church office (723-3963) and arrange a meeting with our pastor.

What typically happens after we set up a meeting with the pastor?

Typically the pastor meets with the family, shares in their sorrow, and tries to provide comfort in their time of need.  If needed he also tries to arrange for time, date, and size of the service.  He asks questions about the loved one and listens carefully to answers.  He then creates a service that celebrates the life of the person described.  Our pastor is known for services that not only celebrate the life of the lost one, but capturing the essence of who they were, as well as bringing a strong sense of the Sacred to the service.

Can additional meetings be arranged?

Additional meetings and assistance can be arranged.

What part of the service is the pastor responsible for?

Our pastor handles the words and order of the service and officiates over the service.  Unless otherwise agreed to the family is responsible for all other portions of the memorial, funeral, disposition, and/or reception.

Do we need to be members of your church?

No.  The family need not be members of Riviera United Church of Christ to have our pastor officiate at a service or for use of the church facilities.

Will the pastor perform the ceremony outside of the church?

Our pastor will perform memorial and funeral services at our church or in another location the family chooses and arranges with the pastor.

What will I be expected to pay the Pastor?

The suggested/requested gratuity for the Pastor’s services (Pastoral Honorarium) is $150-$250.  (This includes meeting with the family and officiating services.)  Note: If you find giving a gratuity a problem, please discuss this with the Pastor before the service is scheduled.

What about music for the service?

Our Music Director would be happy to provide music for your service if she is available (organ, piano, vocal).  You may request certain songs/hymns that are meaningful to you and your family, but if you don’t have any music in mind, the Music Director and/or the Pastor will be able to help you choose appropriate hymns, songs, or instrumental music for the service.  If you have a musical family member who would like to play or sing something, or if you have recorded music that you would like played before, during, or after the service, please let us know as soon as possible so that we have enough time to make this happen.

How much will it cost to have music at the service?

The suggested gratuity for the Music Director’s services (playing organ or piano, singing, coordinating the playing of recorded music, practicing with other musicians who may be playing or singing, etc.) is $100-$150.

What do we do next?

Please call Riviera United Church of Christ (723-3963) to set up an appointment or for more information on memorials and funeral services.