Pastor’s Note October 2017

We all long for the ‘season’ to change. When I lived in Massachusetts It was Spring that brought a smile after months of ice and snow at below freezing temperatures. Then, in the Fall it was relief from the summer heat, taking one into the beauty of the fall foliage, as branches of tall oaks and maples gave way to the changing temperatures, bring brilliant colors marking the letting go of one season and the start of something new. Here in Florida, Winter is what is most longed for after the season of storms, heavy rains and wind, which cool the tropical air. Heavy humid air which has hung over us for many months. Yes, no matter where we reside, change is good. Whether it simply be the shifting weather, the changeless seasons or the storms of life, we all long for change.
The irony of change is that most of us ‘seesaw’ with our desires for change. Yet, when it comes, we want the old and familiar, the tried and the true ways of the past, to be reinstated in order to calm the onset of unfamiliarity and discomfort that change often brings. ‘’It is simple to state the need for change, but difficult to live in the newness of the unknown.” The question that hangs in the air at every turn of life is clearly known by all. “How will this new thing, this new time, change my life and make all things right again?” There is no answer, only the hope that with change there will be newness, bringing new hope and a newness of life!

Welcome to something new! And May God always bless us, one and all! And let us be always reminded: God is with us as we move ever forward in our journeys; Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.
Pastor Tim Woodard.

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