Our Vision

We exist to experience and share Christ’s unconditional love by
Thinking Openly, Believing Passionately and Serving Boldly.

Our Mission and Ministry

To spread the good news through word and deed that God loves us and calls us to love one another.

We are a Christ-centered church, open to all manner of God’s people. Whether red, yellow, black or white; young, middle-age or old; handicapped or able-bodied; gay, bisexual, transgendered or straight, you are welcomed and honored here just as you are – a beloved child of God’s.

We not only welcome all of God’s people, but we welcome the discussion and exploration of our faith. Thinking and questioning  on matters of faith, religion and God are encouraged and celebrated at Riviera UCC.

We are located in Palm Bay, Florida and are completely accessible and celebrate the gifts of people with differing abilities, including those with special needs.

This is a generous and faithful congregation committed to the mission and the wider ministry of the United Church of Christ.


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