Pastor’s Fall Letter 2021

Dear Church Family and Friends,

I wish you greetings in the name of our Holy God.  Here it is mid-September, and our formal season of summer is coming to a close.  Thus, we are beginning to look toward Fall and all it brings!  Even as the Virus from the pandemic, with all its variances, which continue to plague us and the world, we lift our eyes to the programs and times of worship we can fulfill and make available for us all.  In so doing we shall continue to reach out to our neighbors, especially those forty new families that shall make their homes next door to us, as the builders continue to rapidly build their new homes. 

As we turn toward the upcoming months, this season, we shall endeavor to incorporate music which uplifts our spirits while praising our God.  We will continue to expand our music program as ‘safety’ for ALL improves.  We give thanks for all that our Music Director and Lead Musician, as well as the team of volunteers that greatly enhance our musical accompaniment program.  Thank you one and all!  

We continue to urge safety for ourselves and others as we encourage folks to be get vaccinated and to also wear masks during our times of worship. We join together in our prayers for the health and wellbeing of all who have been and are affected by the pandemic.  We call upon our Awesome God to be with us all during this turbulent time! 

As the season continues its transition, we shall turn our hearts and minds to the ‘Majestic’ beauty of God’s creation.  When we together study the lessons of the scriptures we are reminded of God’s faithfulness.  Let us allow Hope to live in our hearts as the presence of the Living Spirit of God guides us ever forward.

May God’s Blessing be upon us one and All!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Tim Woodard

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